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EDDM and Direct Mail

EDDM vs Direct Mail

Did you know 75% of customers said they could recall a brand from a mailer vs only 44% from an email?*

When it comes to mail marketing, it’s essential to understand the options so you can make an educated decision for your next marketing campaign. Below we'll lay out the main differences between EDDM (every door direct mail) and standard Direct Mail services.

EDDM does not require a mailing list. EDDM mailers are distributed via USPS mailing routes and are a great way to saturate a specific area. EDDM mailers are delivered to every address in a pre-selected area and have a lower postage cost than traditional direct mailing. Just tell us what area you would like to mail to (streets, neighborhoods, or entire zip codes) and we will provide you with a quote along with the total number of residential and business addresses you will be targeting. We offer a wide range of flyer and postcard sizes eligible for EDDM!

Direct Mail requires a mailing list. If your business has a mailing list of customers or a specific list of potential customers you would like to reach, our direct mail service is the way to go. Use your own list or purchase one from us! Once we've acquired your mailing list, we can provide you with a quote for your printed mailers and postage. Like EDDM, we offer a wide range of eligible postcards and flyers as well as a range of folded brochures and booklets!

How It Works
Once you've approved your quote and submitted payment, we'll get started on your custom mailer design. You can also send us your print-ready artwork if you have created a design yourself. After that, well... you're done! We take care of printing, bundling and delivery to USPS while you sit back, relax and watch your business grow!

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